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Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Download Original Windows 8 Wallpaper [Leaked]

windows 8

When it comes to hot topics, Window 8 tops all charts as everyones’s regularly searching about it all over the world which has lead to a number of inevitable leaks. The latest in the queue is the original Windows 8 wallpaper.

According to ZDNet, which received a few screenshots of the latest Milestone 3 build along with this new wallpaper from an anonymous user, Windows 8 Milestone 3 build carries a new wallpaper and other resources required to power the new UI (through a well-named DLL file – TWINUI.DLL).

ZDNet did not reveal any information about the build number and posted the new wallpaper present in the latest Milestone 3 build which can be downloaded thanks to DownloadSquad.

Leaked Windows 8 Wallpaper

Leaked Windows 8 Wallpaper

Remember the legitimacy of this wallpaper cannot be independently verified.


Download Windows 8 Wallpaper.

Report: Internet Processed 9.57 Zettabytes of Data in 2008


A dedicated group consisting of three UC San Diego folks has tried to answer a well known unknown question that how much data we transfer around the world annually. The group’s finding after thorough research has been published by PhysOrg according to which some 9.57 zettabytes of information made its way in and out of servers all around the world during 2008.


1 Zettabyte means 9,570,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes or 957,000,000,000,000 Gigabytes. To visualize such amount of data imagine a stack of Stephen King’s longest novel (2.5MB of data) from Earth to Neptune and back 20 times (analogy from the original report).

The report further mentions that there are approximately 27 million computer servers around the world and the total server sales is about $53.3 billion (in 2008).

Further, low end servers costing around $25,000 processed about 65% of the 9.57ZB information with mid-range servers crunching about 30% and high-end servers costing $500,000+ handling the remaining 5%.

The research didn’t include the data processed by private servers built by Google, Microsoft and others because of which it is safe to assume that the 9.57ZB is an underestimated figure.


Download the complete report (PDF).

iOS 4.3.2 On Its Way

A rumor of Apple releasing a new version of its iOS 4.3 made its way to the techy blogs a couple of days ago, now it has been confirmed to some extent that iOS 4.3.1 will be succeeded by iOS 4.3.2 within a couple of weeks.

Before you get too much excited it should be noted that the update will resolve some security issues and target the bug fixes as usual. This should come as no surprise given that Apple tends to keep major changes, and new features to the main and .X releases, probably due somewhere in June.

Some people were experiencing battery drain at an alarming rate on iOS 4.3.1, we hope that this issue might get resolved in iOS 4.3.2. At this point we would like to mention for those who don’t know already, Apple released iOS 4.3.1 on 25th March 2011 as an update to fix minor bugs and errors but, some of them still needed to be addressed.

Exactly what will be included in iOS 4.3.2 is not yet known and this is not a 100% confirmed news, however we encourage you to be prepared.

Linux Foundation Celebrates 20 Years Of Linux

linux penguins

The Linux Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation tasked with the promotion and the growth of Linux by marshaling the resources of its members and the open source development community, is celebrating 20 years of the infamous open source operating system Linux.

Linux was first made public back in August of 1991 by Linus Torvalds, who himself is now a part of the Linux Foundation and is being sponsored by the foundation.

In the celebration of 2 decades of success, the foundation has released an info-graph and a video along with the launch of a video competition named 2011 Video Contest: the 20th Anniversary of Linux whose winner would be judged by the father of Linux, Linus Torvalds, himself.

The winner will receive free air fare, registration and hotel expenses to attend one of the following events of their choice:

  • LinuxCon North America
  • LinuxCon Europe
  • SXSW 2012
  • The LA Film Festival

Check out further details of 2011 Video Contest : Celebrating 20 years of linux.

This is the third such contest hosted by the Linux Foundation which is actually an evolution of the original “We’re Linux” video competition.

linux 20 years

Click To Enlarge

The foundation has also released a Linux Anniversary badge for embedding purposes.

Enjoy the video from the Linux Foundation embedded below:

Popeye real life

Mathias Schlitte is a championship arm wrestler who has an arm up on the competition. Look at his massive arm!

He was born with a genetic bone disorder that caused one of his arms to be 2 times larger than the other. Instead of looking at the glass half empty, he used it to his advantage and became an arm wrestler.

Alien For Real

Have you ever heard about the Cymothoa exigua? Well if not, you must! It is a parasitic crustacean of the family Cymothoidae.

Ok so this parasite attaches itself at the base of the tongue of the Spotted rose snapper, and feeds off of it. As the parasite grows, less and less blood is able to reach the tongue, and eventually the tongue just withers up and dies. The parasite then replaces the fish’s tongue with its own body, by attaching to the muscles of the tongue stub! [shutter]

Poor little snapper!

7 Bintang Porno Berpenghasilan Tertinggi Di Dunia

bintang porno terkaya
Houston temasuk salah satu artis porno yang terkenal. Nama Houston melejit pada tahun 1999 saat memainkan peran utama di flim Gangbang “The 3 : Houston 620″. Dia film itu dia melakukan adegan seks dengan 620 orang, non-stop. Karirnya dimulai sejak tahun 1995, bekerja sebagai penari telanjang di Tropicana. Penghasilan Houston mencapai lebih dari $ 1 juta pertahun.

bintang porno terkaya
Bom Sex berambut pirang ini mengklaim telah bercinta dengan lesbian sejak usia 11 tahun. Dalam Industri film porno, Hillary Scott banyak meraih penghargaan, di antarannya bintang ‘Oral Sex Scene Terbaik’ (2006), ‘Best Group Sex Scene’ (2007), dan ‘Orgamsic Oralist’ (2006). Hillary mendapatkan kontrak eklusif bernilai jutaan dolar dengan SexZ Pictures, dan ini adalah kontrak bintang porno terbesar dalam sejarah, penghasilan Hillary Scott $ 2 juta pertahun.

bintang porno terkaya
Maria, alias Rika Inoue, bintang porno asal jepang ini adalah bintang yang paling terkenal dengan bayaran tertinggi di Jepang. Penghasilannya mencapai $ 2,6 juta setahun. Maria mendapatkan penghargaan untuk ‘Konversasi Terbaik’ pada tahun 2003. Ya, itu merupakan penghargaan resmi bintang porno Jepang.

bintang porno terkaya
Ron Jeremy adalah bintang porno pria dengan bayaran termahal yang kekayaannya mencapai $ 7.000.000. Ron Jeremy adalah satu-satunya bintang Pria yang masuk dalam daftar 7 bintang porno terkaya di dunia.

bintang porno terkaya
Karir eksplisit Jesse Jane dimulai membintangi Underrated ‘No Limits’. Dari film itu dia mendapatkan banyak penghargaan. Pengagum berat grup band Slipknot ini mendapatkan bayaran termahal saat menjadi bintang utama dari ‘Pussy Patroli’ dalam serial hit Entourage. Jesse Jane Memiliki kekayaan senilai lebih dari $ 8 juta.

bintang porno terkaya
Bintang Porno ini menempati posisi kedua. Mantan suster cantik ini memiliki Production House porno Teravision, Penghasilan Perusahaannya bernilai $ 30 juta, meskipun hanya menghasilkan 15 judul film dalam setahun.

bintang porno terkaya
Jenna Jameson telah membintangi lebih dari 140 film porno, dia juga memiliki Production House Film Porno dan sebuah Club Porno. pendapatannya mencapai $ 32 juta per tahun.

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