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Sabtu, 09 April 2011

Download Original Windows 8 Wallpaper [Leaked]

windows 8

When it comes to hot topics, Window 8 tops all charts as everyones’s regularly searching about it all over the world which has lead to a number of inevitable leaks. The latest in the queue is the original Windows 8 wallpaper.

According to ZDNet, which received a few screenshots of the latest Milestone 3 build along with this new wallpaper from an anonymous user, Windows 8 Milestone 3 build carries a new wallpaper and other resources required to power the new UI (through a well-named DLL file – TWINUI.DLL).

ZDNet did not reveal any information about the build number and posted the new wallpaper present in the latest Milestone 3 build which can be downloaded thanks to DownloadSquad.

Leaked Windows 8 Wallpaper

Leaked Windows 8 Wallpaper

Remember the legitimacy of this wallpaper cannot be independently verified.


Download Windows 8 Wallpaper.



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