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Kamis, 24 Maret 2011

World Water Concept In China

In 2006, a group called the Atkin's Architecture Group has won an international design competition peghargaan for the amazing entries. The group managed to win the first prize. The concept of the building was planned to be created in Songjiang, China. The building will be decorated by various kinds of plants, longer and more incredible is the area around it will be filled by water, it would not be surprised if eventually the building will create 400 Apartment Resort is built with natural elements. Underwater the public areas and guest rooms add to the scenery Eksotisan presented in that region. But the resort that offers Cafes, Restaurants, and sports facilities.
With the theme "Water, the people who will visit there will be treated to a variety of attractive facilities. Like Swimming Pool, Luxury Housing, and a refreshing view of the eye. Any extreme sports activity center there are many there. For example rock climbing and Bungee jumping will be held on the hill where it was. The guests who will perform extreme sports activities will be brought up hill using Lift facilities are available. So no wonder if a visualization that showed the buildings are brought home first prize. This is the best work of today's world. Proven with ultra modern facilities but there are natural elements.


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